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go as u.r x Charlotte Caluwaerts

Meet Charlotte Caluwaerts, front singer of the music band Rheinzand, power woman, mother, music lover, ...

The music is inspired by Mo’s immense musical universe and our three different backgrounds - which results in multi-layer atmospheric sounds with four to the floor beats and funky bass lines.
We love the old, big tracks ranging -from disco to Balearic- while creating a fresh sound.
I write lyrics for Rheinzand in English, French and Spanish, which adds an extra dimension to the music.

My main inspiration comes from things around me: politics, societal events, the way we treat our planet or the people around us... My indignation about the exceptional greed by the 1%, how we treat refugees, the way we are so bitter (especially on social media) …it all makes me write.
I can also find inspiration in language. Every language has a different tone, a different poetry and different sounds. I like to play with that.
In ‘20, I have found my inspiration differently, I was used to going out a lot and to get inspired by people, museums, movies, things I saw in the streets…
These days I read -constantly- and I find a lot of inspiration in books and articles.

Donna Summer
Dolly Parton
Roisin Murphy
I guess you could say I love the grand female divas.

Fashion itself is not really important to me. I do not follow fashion or wear fashionable clothes according to the latest season. I do love exceptional pieces and cool outfits. I must admit I have a sweet spot for glamorous 70’s outfits and cool 80’s style.
Since the birth of my son, 5 years ago, my attitude to fashion completely changed. I could not buy any fast fashion anymore, made in sweatshops.
Every time I am walking by these big chain shops, I imagine my little boy sitting behind a sewing machine.
That’s why I only buy vintage clothes or sustainable clothes made from quality materials. I try to buy local and support my friends in fashion
My favorite piece is a golden sheer catsuit I found in a shop in Greece. It’s an exclusive, handmade piece that has been created stage proof by my tailor in Ghent.
I love wearing it for Rheinzand shows.

I’ve been creating my own beauty products since a few years now. My husband and stepdaughter have very sensitive skin and battle with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
We are very conscious of what we eat, so being conscious of what we put on our skin, was just a next and logical step.
Developing your own beauty products is fun! And you choose the ingredients you want! It's extremely satisfying.
It you don’t know how to start, I can recommend doing an online workshop or to start studying, as I did.
When corona hit and my festival summer was all of a sudden completely empty, I committed myself to study herbalist and I specialized in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

I love the freedom and the power to create something from nothing.
I love the fact that as an artist you often find yourself outside of society, being able to bring people together and connect.
It feels special to me and it’s a privileged position to be in.

I’ve rediscovered my old pick up. So I brought listening to vinyl an old flame to life again.

I really like Berlin. It’s a huge city with all sorts of neighborhoods and a lot of open, green space. The architecture is a cool mix of grand classical structures and industrial, gloomy buildings. You can’t compare the club scene with anywhere else. You can go out all day - all night long, every day of the week.
I also love performing there. People are very much into music and nightlife, so they are a very welcoming audience. I’m really looking forward to taking the night train. A ride on that train would be the perfect start of the weekend, I would then rent some bikes to cruise around. Go for lunch for some perfect ramen in Cocolo near the river, see some vintage shops in Kreuzberg and Neukölln, chill at Tempelhof. I would have dinner in a very nice Thai place that I can’t remember the name of and go out dancing. We have a lot of friends living there who are dj’s so I would check with them where to party!

Right now I’m really into aubergine, red, purple shades.

A colorful, hopeful, sustainable brand.