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go as u.r x Farah El Bastani

Meet Farah, top fashion stylist for magazines, brands & music videos. We know Farah as a colorful person, both in style and personality.

Farah is wearing adrenaline red – charged pink tights & halter made from regenerating fishing nets.

"I want to show a diverse image of fashion, independent of trends but how I see society, and that is with lots of color."

When I’m styling, it comes from my heart and gut. I somehow transform my feelings and ideas into my work. But of course, I always keep my eyes and ears open for things unknown and new.

I find many things inspiring; It can be a film that my boyfriend recommends, or a visit to a museum with a friend. But also, people inspire me a lot. I love talking to passionate people about the things they love. That gives me energy and ideas.

I can see beauty in a lot of things.
It could be a sticker on a traffic sign pole, it could be a picture in an art book.

Michael Jackson
Carrie Bradshaw
Paolo Sorrentino

I want to show a diverse image of fashion, independent of trends but how I see society, and that is with lots of color. The fashion industry and trends stimulate too much uniformity. Fast fashion brands encourage us to wear the same because they want to sell “the hot” items in a short time. They suggest us how to combine an item, how you should wear it and suddenly everyone wants to look the same. If fashion is all nude then everyone is walking around in beige, like the Kardashians. That's easy. If everyone had their own style, people would think about their clothes and buy more vintage, for example.

Shopping in a thrift shop, looking for vintage items, ...I don't like monotony, but I go for authenticity & own style. "It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you wear it well. You should wear that garment and not the other way around.”

That it’s so small and compact but that there is always something fun to do!

Cooking more (another thing I really love to do!) and having time to work out more.

I fell in love with Mexico City and Rome. My favorite way to spend the weekend there is with my phone off in company of some friends.


Waking up and doing some stretches. Having a slow breakfast afterwards and reading a book. I would then go for a walk or talk with a friend at the front door. Figure out what to have for dinner and go fetch the ingredients at the super.
Cooking and watching a movie on the sofa with my love.

Not really.

Colorful girls in a bright world!