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our founder Annelies Lambert

Our manifesto

We’re conscious cosmopolitans, curious explorers – always on the go. We embrace diversity and celebrate expression and freedom. We are citizens with fast-paced lifestyles who believe that positive inspiration and disturbance to the current mass consumption model is required to best support the future generations. We support the non-established, non-linear, and unconventional practices. We are based in our urban Antwerp space and create a new future of beauty and fashion design. We are green rebellions that actively question the normal routines and standards. We aim to inspire for a more conscious normal (minimalism). We want to inspire to create and curate own simplified routines without compromising on efficiency and aesthetics. We are honest (but bold). We are independent. We are free. We believe in the freedom of everyone. We support women empowerment worldwide. We go as we are. You go as you are. Confident and bold. And always on the go. go as u.r is our common state of mind.