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I believe that my work is mainly driven by the creative practices that have forged my identity and therefore my professional path, practices that have permeated the lens through where I perceive the world since I was a child like cinema, literature, music, dance and art in all of its expressions.

That’s the best part, the one that I enjoy the most and the reason why I chose to pursue this challenge. It is beautiful to see the idea evolve during the creative process until it becomes a tangible product. I also find it fascinating to look at my designs as the medium from where I can share a very personal imagery collection that has remained and transformed with me throughout the years.

Everything that is unexpected and outside of the box.
I am deeply inspired by moments in history, persons, movements, objects that have pushed forward the way we think and that question everything as we know it. I find it inspiring because one has to be daring to be a real game changer and that doesn’t come easy, to be daring is a quality that some of us have to learn step by step.

Everywhere, I think that everything that surrounds us can be inspiring and it’s a matter of how we look at it, being perceptive, and asking the right questions.

Tracey Emin
Miranda July
Kathleen Hanna

Octavio Paz observes in his book The Labyrinth of Solitude that the past reappears because it is a hidden present, therefore nostalgia exists as an act of communion. As a country that inherited two very distinct cultures, the longing and search for an identity urges the necessity to look back. It is hard not to recognize myself in this nostalgia as it is very rooted in our perception of life, however, I think it is individually perceived differently. I like to look at it as an act of forgiveness and a celebration to give space for what is yet to come.

In the beginning it was for sure very difficult.
My lack of proficiency in Dutch and French made it complicated for me to continue working in the art sector and not having my friends and family close to me, among many other things, has made this experience very challenging. It is a slow process to adapt to a place that does things so differently and as cliché as it may sound, coming from a city where the sun shines every day of the year, the Belgian weather really got me. One year later, I finally feel at home. I’ve given time to start nurturing new relationships and professionally the doors that once were closed now have opened new ones that are way more fulfilling. I am also very lucky to have the most patient and loving partner who has walked with me every step along the way during this whole process.

Coming from chaotic and loud Mexico City I really appreciate the calmness of Antwerp and it’s proximity to nature. Culturally it never stops being interesting and refreshing as it has The Royal Academy of Fine Arts which is internationally one of the main hubs for upcoming talents. In general it feels like a very vibrant city and every time I go out I see something or someone that catches my attention. With its pros and cons as every city, I enjoy living here and I appreciate that since I moved I have been given the opportunity to keep cultivating myself, it is impressive the educational options Antwerp has to offer!

Working out daily has become a necessity to stay sane and it has turned into one of my favorite things to do, also watching movies which is already one of my favorite hobbies but now I can finally binge watch for as long as I want.

LA has a special place in my heart with its old Hollywood vibes, the friendliest people, delicious food, beautiful destinations… I just love it! My places to go in LA are:

  1. Amoeba Music I was lucky enough to visit their iconic location on Sunset and Cahuenga, however after COVID-19 they will be relocating to a new building still in Downtown Hollywood and I cannot wait to visit soon! My last purchase at Amoeba was a beautiful vinyl from Chet Baker.
  2. Kayne Griffin Corcoran one of my favorite contemporary art galleries in the city, if you are lucky enough you get to see James Turrell's permanent Skyspace in their conference room. Extra hint: they also represent the work of David Lynch.
  3. The Chateau Marmont I love everything that yells a Hollywood classic so this is my must to start getting into those vibes with a delicious cocktail in their terrace.
  4. Night + Market Song after a long walk around beautiful Silver Lake nothing like having for dinner the most delicious Thai food.
  5. The Eames House perfect for lifting your inspiration.

All pastel and vibrant colors, blue, purple, orange, pink, green.

Very busy, I’m moving all day long from the gym to the atelier, back to my studio at home and out again all around the city doing errands, I’m also learning Dutch so two days of my week, half of my day is dedicated to that.

To properly wake up I have to drink my coffee as soon as I get out of bed and it has to come with 40 minutes of lecture, then I try to go to the gym every morning for a strong start of the day. At night the only way I can fall asleep is by watching a movie or a show. My new developed routine during quarantine is to listen to podcasts while I get dressed.