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how we try to live the idea of the circular economy

Working circularly is very much a process of always doing the best you can and trying to push things in order to get a product that is as sustainable as possible for its entire life cycle.

You can’t be 100% perfect – no one can, but you can push for it and hopefully one day something will change.

Get to know our current efforts – from design to end of life – and do reach out to us if you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can become more futureproof.

Materials matter:

As a small-scale, start-up company that is new to the industry, we have found that it is not easy to find low-impact materials and that it is even harder to access them in small quantities.

That’s why we are really proud to have reduced and even eliminated our reliance on virgin materials! We currently work with low-impact garment materials such as wood pulp, recovered sea fishing nets and recycled fibres. Our four skincare bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, our jar is made from >30% bio-based materials and our make-up packaging is made from recycled cardboard.


We design to last, focus on trans-seasonal designs and select the highest-quality fabrics.


We produce in a clean and respectful way in a small family-run factory in Portugal, using sustainable and ethical means of production. By sourcing from Portugal, we minimise the environmental impact and ensure that no unfair or unsafe labour goes into making our clothes.


We love to make our own rules! We define our own launch timings and never follow seasonal speedy collections. We have also made a lot of effort when it comes to the finer details, such as recycled hang-tags and recycled outer boxes, and, at the end of the life cycle, we even take back your go as u.r pieces. Small changes can make a huge difference!


Did you know that washing clothes accounts for one quarter of their carbon footprint? That’s why we like to encourage you to go slow and take good care! Here are some easy ways you can make a difference:

  • Only wash as required – not only will you save water and detergent, but your clothes will last much longer.
  • Washing at 30° C uses roughly half as much energy as washing at 60° C.
  • Hang your clothes out to dry – it’s better for the environment and your energy bill!

End of life:

Recycle with us! 20% of global production waste comes from the textile and apparel sectors. That’s why we like to facilitate the return of your clothes and packaging. When you no longer use your go as u.r clothes or packaging, collect and send seven go as u.r pieces back to us and we will give you one beauty product for free!