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7. Spain

Violence against women affects women everywhere. In Europe, 1 out of every 3 women will suffer physical and/or sexual abuse at some point in her lifetime. In November 2015, thousands of people gathered in Madrid to protest the prevalence of violence against women in Spain, where, since 1995, more than 1,390 women have been murdered by male attackers.


W4’s field partner “Ana Bella App” launched an innovative mobile phone application that is providing a lifeline for female victims of violence and abuse in Spain. The app helps women to access the resources and support they need to escape from dangerous, even life-threatening situations. It connects women who are suffering from violence and abuse with a survivors’ network and emergency services such as access to shelter and legal help. Costing just 6 euros per month, it offers a high-impact, cost-effective solution to help women suffering from violence and abuse.


The application helpline not only helps women to escape from emergency situations but also connects women with an array of support services and programs that will help them to rebuild their lives by providing them shelter, legal aid, psychological counseling, vocational training and job placement.